Negative thoughts much?

If a butterfly spent all that time trying to avoid its pain, we would miss its beauty and be left with a fuzzy worm. Give yourself the love to find out what has been stopping you from getting your wings.

“Does your head ache and heart break at the same time”– I usually ask because they go together. So many times we forget that our head is the force in front but our body is left behind in the battlefield of our thoughts.

So where do you go when you are agonizing and obsessing over anxious thoughts?

First, what is your body telling you? There are reasons sometimes we have stomach aches or we have unknown tics that happen to only one part of our body. It is because our body is usually trying to tell us something or even holding on to something painful. Believe it. There is proof that our body and more specifically our muscles do hold memories that are from trauma. Those memories know that time does not matter but they can remember that exact pain on the exact day like it was “yesterday” because your mind has filed it away unseen. I see you shaking your head- so are you with me?

Remember – our bodies know how to react but they overact to trauma to get our attention. It may mean you are avoiding the very pain that your body is trying to remind you of in the first place or your mind is trying hard to forget.

We exert massive amount of energy trying to run away from pain when in the end — it is the very thing that will help us heal all along. Pain is uncomfortable but we need it to move on. So how do we?

First, pay attention to your body- treat it with love and kindness. Even write down your sensations.

Second, write down your thoughts and see if these somehow go together and have meaning more when you put them down then trying to run away from the pain.

What if the butterfly avoided the painful journey it took to transform itself from that fuzzy little worm? We would miss the beautiful creation that we are in awe of so much today. What has your pain been holding you back from? Are you a butterfly or are you going to stay in your cocoon?

Listen to your heart— DeeDee~ Therapy Heart Talk

Published by DeeDee Fetts, LCMHC, LPCC, NCC

Counselor, Coach, Serving Jesus and inspiring hearts @healingwingscounseling @therapyhearttalk- Brokenness is a beginning to healing our hearts

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