Helping yourself and others when you feelings lie to you.

Feelings are lies to put it bluntly! The feelings that come from our diseases are not permanent but feel like it. I know that is a pretty strong statement. Most of the time it is just our brain chemicals and body overreacting to things but it can make it us FEEL like our world is completely over. Fighting our darkness alone becomes a struggle that can consume us; leaving us defeated.

Feelings are not permanent . .

With depression, anxiety, or any other mental health diseases things can look nothing but never-ending darkness. At times, we not only have emotions such as shame, guilt, sadness, and fear (and yes that is a big one) but we condemn ourselves to suffer alone because of these negative, evil feelings. We use control to cope through our thoughts and those fears become the anchor that weighs down to a point we feel we can’t see any light. So where is hope?

It is important for us to reach out even if WE DON”T FEEL LIKE IT. Let me say that again. We MUST REACH OUT AND ASK FOR HELP. Even if every part of us says “I can’t or won’t”. Getting help no matter if in the form of counseling or just asking a friend – it will lead out of any hole that is dark. It is just as important for friends to help those who have depression or anxiety to be understanding and give the extra effort to be kind. We need to allow our friends and family in to see the darkest parts of us and stop suffering alone. Counselor is just the next step forward.

Negative feelings are powerful and the debilitating thoughts they produce seem more real. Worst yet our hearts become hardened if we are isolated while we are wounded. Just like when you are in the dark and sometimes our eyes play tricks on us; we need someone to shine a light on it and say “it is not really there and maybe we need to look at it a different way”. (Ephesians 5:13 ) Counseling is the light.

Talking about hurtful feelings, moving through the pain instead of being stuck in it— takes your thoughts captive in Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5). You do not have to believe everything you feel except the Love of God that surrounds us that will bring you to the light. (Psalms 33:22) Jesus has overcome our feelings and pain to bring us to a new feeling of hope and Love in Him. As counselors, we are just pointing you towards His light.

So GO!!!

Be in the light and never allow the darkness to put it out again.

Published by DeeDee Fetts, LCMHC, LPCC, NCC

Counselor, Coach, Serving Jesus and inspiring hearts @healingwingscounseling @therapyhearttalk- Brokenness is a beginning to healing our hearts

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