Not sorry my scars are showing~

Our SCARS give us compassion and remind us that we are now ambassadors for those hurting and wounded. If you remain JUST wounded– reminded of the fear and pain of what has broken you, pushing others away, displaying rage, anger that is not theirs to feel or see—what is it all for? Is that who you want to be (or at times a person you want to be with)?

Do you want to be a person that hurts others because you have been hurt? Or can you step back and heal from your pain and do the work that is required to not have your pain spill out on to others?

So many examples come back just in my own life of people who have tried to push their pain onto me when it was nothing to do with the present MOMENT but much with their past pain and wounds long before I entered their life. Remember that if someone is displaying a large amount of anger or pain at you, it is NOT about you but about them; it is emotions that have spilled out from the left over pain that is still screaming to be heard from the person that needs to hear it. Our wounds have a bigger role in this world but some have yet to face their own fears and keep spreading their pain as a disease that is worst than Covid called rage.

In a world that sometimes cannot reach past their own shadows of regret and pain, remember don’t be “that person” that is not facing their own pain. Or do you have someone in your life that is displaying that kind of self-indulged pain — hurting you and those around your? Healing is always required for those that are too self-absorbed at times to see what their pain is doing to the ones around them. Abuse becomes primary with those who have pain which becomes a force of more woundedness to others and the cycle of victims leaves its trail. It is time to heal or move on.

If you are one of the few and proud that have been through brokenness and done the hard work coming through it—wear your scars proudly. They will help build a kinder and more loving world through knowing the faithful kindness we have been given through Lord Jesus by healing ours. There is always hope after pain and our scars remind us of how we made it through to reach for others now.

Published by DeeDee Fetts, LCMHC, LPCC, NCC

Counselor, Coach, Serving Jesus and inspiring hearts @healingwingscounseling @therapyhearttalk- Brokenness is a beginning to healing our hearts

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